The Nautilus Chronicles

When Silver is suddenly liberated from the only home he’s ever known, a prison that siphons magical power from its inmates, he quickly learns how powerful he is and how dangerous that power can become.Can he, Opal Amberfire, and the whole gang stop the malevolent Shadow from taking over the worlds of the Cosmoverse? The adventure unfolds in each episode!

The Nautilus Chronicles is an audio drama by kids for kids. This is what happens when a group of wildly imaginative kids play an evolving pretend game for years and then grow up to become wildly imaginative teenagers.

The Teacher

The Escape

The Magic... (and the hedgeki)

The Scientist

The Agency

The Planet

The Sword



each link below will open the scripts of existing episodes. in case you can't hear something. or something makes no sense.


Connor Peterson // Co-creator, Writer, Show Runner
Finnly] Peterson // Co-creator, Sound Design
Luke Denny // Co-creator
Elle Denny // Co-creator
Rhyce Rickman // Co-creator
Maci Rickman // Co-creator
Jax Rickman // Co-creator
Kinsley Hocutt // Graphic Design


Season 1

Anna Broome // Nebula
Luke Denny // George, Steel, Retriever
Kaleb Goode // Silver Sword
Mason Goode // Juan, Scientist #3
Kinsley Hocutt // Nova
Elijah Loewen // Owen
Connor Peterson // Narrator, Charles, Peter, Freddie
Finnly] Peterson // Boopsy, Fluffy, Guard
Clayton Rayburn // Rando, Rob, Guard
Joy Rayburn // Granny, Core of Planet Nautilus, Radio Announcer
Kyndall Rayburn // Opal Amberfire
Jax Rickman // Greg
Maci Rickman // Summer
Rhyce Rickman // Morphing Electro, Axil, Number Two, Scientist #1
Carson Sasser // Allan
Levi Word // The Shadow
Olivia Word // Tour Guide, Scientist #2

Season 2

Luke Denny // Kyle, Lucas, Paul
Kaleb Goode // Garry, William, Silver
Mason Goode // Ice Cream Man
David Hamner // Melvin, Treycon
Bri Hocutt // News Anchor 1
Kinsley Hocutt // Nova
Timothy Johnson // Gnarley
Elijah Loewen // Owen
Ethan Parker // Paper Boy, Gang Member 1
Jett Parker // Polaris
Connor Peterson // Narrator, Charles, Peter
Finnly] Peterson // Boopsy, Fluffy, Floppy, Mort
Clayton Rayburn // Random Hiker, Gang Member 2
Joy Rayburn // News Anchor 2
Kyndall Rayburn // Opal
Jax Rickman // Doug, Kowalski
Maci Rickman // Roz, Katrina
Rhyce Rickman // Bill, WBI Agent
Levi Word // The Shadow, Reginald
??????? // ??????


Questions or comments about the show?Fire up Allan's trash cannon and shoot us an email at'll get back to you as soon as we can, which, since a bunch of kids are running stuff, might be a while or right away. (If we do get back to you right away, it's safe to assume some of us are avoiding algebra.)

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Welcome to Peter Sherman's Encyclopedia of all things Nautilus!

the buttons below will take you to all existing entries. every time a specific hidden entry is mentioned on the show it's button will appear.


Power typePower namePower sourcePowerPower draw back
MentalTelepathyChemicalEffecting another's mindYou can't think yourself
MentalTelesapienceNuclearEffecting your own mindOne of your friends can't think
PhysicalTeleportationHydroMoving yourself without movingYou can't move other objects
PhysicalTelekinesisWindMoving objects without touching themYou can't move yourself
TemporalTelenovusOilMove forward in timeYou grow younger
TemporalTelevetusCoalMove backward in timeYou grow older
HighTelevitadantis (or televita)MagiciteAdds soul force to an object permanentlyNone

Each power is supplied by "synaping" energy from other objects. in addition to the normal energy sources, you can also use solar power to synap for any power though you can only power one power at a time.In telesynapsis there are three levels of gifting,A spiral is someone with one gift. Like Telenovus, Telepathy, Telekinesis, or Televitadantis.A set is someone who has three gifts, one from each category excluding Televita. An example of a set would be Televetus, Telesapience, and Teleportation.*Lastly, a fully gifted has all powers (including Televita.)How does one gain gifts?There are two ways to become endowed with this particular power.The first way is to be lucky with your birth. Telesynapsis is not passed down like genetic code however you can be born with it.The second way is to steal charge from a gifted. (though in the future the scientists of nautilus find a harmless way to gain power via amber)The Telesynaptically gifted naturally have eyes the color of orange.And that's it! all there is to know. I think.

*If twins are born when the child is supposed to be fully gifted then each twin will have a set of powers and none of the powers will match. If you can figure the powers one has, you can assume the powers of the other.

The Wizard Dimension

This dimension is home to many great relics and stories. It became great very early in history when Deus created the Cosmostones, which when melded together properly became the orb of cosmos, the governing force of, you guessed it, the Cosmoverse. This orb (with it's staff) is what really set the Wizard dimension apart. The Wizard dimension was also the home of many early Mystforgers. But back to the staff, It's wielder was set apart as the one and only rightful ruler of the dimension (the lucky individual being deemed the head master wizard.) The staff was passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. Yet somehow there were only ever three dynasties, the Liverwart dynasty, the Peacemyst dynasty, and the Snookums dynasty. The final ruler before the dispersion of the stones was named Greg Snookums. And his legacy outside of the dispersion was focused on that one time that the dimension had a trash problem.


Incendium is a rare mineral which only forms in The Wizard Dimension, it is orange in color and magical in vibe. Incendium is used to neutralize the forces of light and dark. For example, Eclipsum is the force of darkness, if you harness it you can have infinite life but you turn evil and must use the life accordingly. But if you put Eclipsum in a crystal of Incendium then you can use the life without the side effects. Same for Refractum the force of light, on its own it can grant infinite power, but you can't do anything bad (not even killing someone evil). However when you have it in Incendium you can do anything with it (like banishing a shadow). It should be noted that Incendium activates with verbal spells only, and it burns up after one use.

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The squirbbles are a breed of half squirrel half birds. They are natively from Artifex, but they were eventually spread to the other continents where they have become a sort of pest like a racoon. But they have adapted to city life like pigeons.There is a very rare 'putrid' variant that is sometimes hunted for sport. The only visible difference between the putrid squirbbles and the common squirbbles is that the putrid have green fur. Most people think this fur is "ugly" and I agree with that verdict.